Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Kelli's alahas

Harry B. loves the ocean and her creatures just as I do. He has been very kind in donating Spondylus shells for me to work with. The the only thing that he asked me for was a finished alahas for his wonderful wife, Kelli. Here is a picture of the Spondylus salape' that I put together for Kelli's alahas. These beads are of the classical color and shape much like the ancient Chamorros made them. Of course, I make them the conventional way using an electric rotary tool. I hope she likes the finished product!

Thanks again for letting me share.

The Beachcomber

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Love like I was still 21

I recently watched Ethan Hawkes’ The Hottest State (2006) on DVD. I enjoy “guy flicks” as opposed to “chick flicks” although people in the biz call these genres as “coming of age” films.

I suppose it will appeal to someone who has ever had their heart broken especially if it was in a sudden unexplainable manner. It doesn’t offer any solutions on how one could get over a break up and it may even hint that one could never truly get over someone you’ve been that intimate with. It’s kind of like Jordin Sparks’ song Tattoo come to think of it.

I am looking forward to more of Catalina Sandino Moreno who played Sarah. I’ve also seen her in Maria Full of Grace (2004). She’s definitely the type of girl that I could break my heart over for (and have…Damned Latinas!). I heard that she is in the cast of Gabriel García Márquez’ Love in the Time of Cholera. I hope Saipan doesn’t skip getting this movie. Mark Webber’s character William Harding is “the type of guy that gets girls pregnant” was never me, but I can certainly relate to the manic state of not knowing how to let someone go.

Anyway, The Hottest State made me realize that although I am in my late 30’s that I still wear my heart on my sleeve and love as though I was still 21. Sadly, it also reinforces that passion is just not enough to sustain a relationship. Is there truly undying love like in Márquez’ novels?

Quote from the movie:
"It was Wednesday when we met, Saturday when I asked her to move in, and by Sunday there were flowers in my apartment and hummus in my refrigerator. I don't remember waking up that Sunday. I don't think I ever slept. I just sat there thinking, "God damn, this must be what praying is like."- William Harding