Thursday, May 20, 2010

Green Gecko?

I found this little thing in the office today. Do we have green geckos on Saipan? I am not sure what this little one is all about.She's (gender assuming) was really timid and tiny.
I had to contain her for a little while so that I can check it out much closer without it running away. Can you see the orange outline of its tail?
Its color reminded me somewhat of the Gold dust day geckos that I've seen in Hawaii. She looks a little yellow now next to the green grass.
It is some type of house gecko I am going to guess. She scampered from the grass to the concrete wall fairly quickly after she was released.
I've got to figure out if that color is typical or if this is something new.

Ti napu.

The Beachcomber

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Incredible Sameness of Mind

I am in a contest with my own mind. I struggle to push out the things I do not need to worry about at certain times. Maybe I am just tired. I do feel a little over stretched. Anyway, I just got back a few weeks ago from another trip to Atlanta and Guam. I haven't had the energy to write about my time there but I will share soon. It was beautiful and fun but I need some serious time to recover and get back in the groove.

I'll just share about some simple but fun things I got while I was off-island:

There is a kiddy store at the Guam Premium Outlets that sells these seedling starter kits. DJ, my BFF's youngest son, has become a bit of a farmer so I thought these would be fun projects for him. I got mini pumpkins and strawberries (of all things) just to see if they'd grow.
Everything is labeled organic now. 100% green, recycled and organic it claims.I am sure the pumpkins will grow.
Not sure about these. We may have to start them off in the fridge.
The packet contains seeds, potting soil and the pot.
I hope they sprout! I should've gotten the peppers too.
They had these tiny bottles of jams and honey along with the continental breakfast during my 3-day conference. I asked everyone I could for their empties. I'm going to put some of my sand collection in jars (the right one is unopened honey and the other one is filled with Tumon sand).

I also wanted to try this Italian spring water. For $3.00 I also got to keep the nice bottle. What a refreshing slice (drop) of Tuscany. What can I do with this now?
Shopping on Guam is great. That's mostly because we don't have a proper mall on Saipan. I get to buy nice shoes for cheap whenever I go back!

My new shoes.
My old shoes. They're probably over 2 years old.
The mind likes what it likes I guess but they really are different. I mean, the new pair of dress shoes have laces. Okay, that's just because I couldn't find slip-ons that weren't too pointy at the ends. If I had money, I think I'd be a collector of shoes. Problem is I am a terrible supinator and I am a terrible shoe scuffer. One day, my blog identity will be: The Supenating Shoe Scuffer.

Good to be back. I miss you Saipan!

Ti napu.

The Beachcomber