Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I missed the show!

I was thinking of selling some Spondylus, hima (giant clam), and bone pendants this weekend at the Christmas Artists Bazaar at the Multipurpose Center, Susupe, Saipan. I missed the boat though and they ran out of space while I contemplated if I had enough pieces to sell. We all should go though in support of the very few handful of artisans that we have in the CNMI. I believe it is on both Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 till 19:00. Bring some cash for some good art. I hope to see you there!

Here is a classical style Spondylus salape' pendant that I made for my good friend Tina S. The shell fragment that I cut this from had a gorgeous red orange color and I really did not want to waste any of the shell. The best way I thought to do so was in the style that you see now. Even the toggle that closes the necklace is from the same shell fragment.

Now, I usually think about the significance of the characteristics of a piece quite extensively. But this design really just made me think of an exclamation point and the Exclamation perfume bottle that was marketed a few years back. From a graphics arts perspective, the design was genius in my mind.

But what significance does this have in terms of my friend Tina? Well, she has surprised me in many occasions in the many things that she is involved with in our community. But if anything, I wish that this little piece of Spondylus is a reminder of how precious the community that both she and I serve is. In our work together a few years ago, she was the one who quoted to me, "Community first, above all." Courage, strength, truth, honor, equity, compassion and so on and so forth is what I wish for you to have and is really who you already are to me, Tina. Good luck on your new role.


Beverly said...

i think you should consider selling your treasures at street market! You'd be a hit.

Tamara said...

I agree! I was just about to ask if you sell your work anywhere? It's a shame you couldn't get a spot in this weekends event.

The Beachcomber said...

Bev & Tamara: Thank you for your wonderful comments thus far. I have a few pieces that are ready for sale, but most I give to friends. I think I want some more design concepts to materialize before I go out and sell. Have a nice day!