Monday, October 5, 2009

Super Typhoon Melor (20W)- Spared!

That's a satellite infrared photo of Super Typhoon Melor (20W) moving
west of the Marianas (from the National Weather Service Forecast Office)

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers as we here on Saipan were spared most of the damage from Super Typhoon Melor (20W)! It could have been a disaster but the storm drifted far enough from us to cause only a little flooding, a few downed trees, power outages and delays in our everyday routines. We were very lucky and blessed! Please be careful if you are going to check out the waves since our waters remain trecherous. Check out this photo from the Marianas Variety taken by our friend Chris Nelson:Can you see the Banzai Cliff memorials in the picture? What's crazier is that the weather was so clear there 2 days before when I took a friend around sight seeing! Anyway, I am glad that we are all safe and got to spend some stormy moments with some of my favorite people.

Ti napu.

The Beachcomber


Deece said...

Praise God! Some people were disappointed; one coworker told me "I told you so" (that it wasn't going to be a big deal). I do not care. I am happier that we spent money on boards, batteries, and food and no major damage occured than if we hadn't invested anything and ended up with major damage. We lost some banana trees, but now we have boards, batteries, and food. :o)

The Beachcomber said...

Glad that you, James & the chilgrens are safe. You are a shilver lining type of gal, huh? That's refreshing!

Hey what camera do you have? That is a nice photo of the boat in the dock. Take care, Deece!

Bev said...

Glad you guys are safe. Crazy waves at Bonzai! Wish I was there to see it=) Miss ya.

Deece said...

Hahaha! Thanks. The chilgrens are safe, but still sick. :(

I have a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS

Sean said...

Wow, kudos to Chris for that shot. Those waves are unbelievable!