Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did I Just Meet the Future Tesla?

It is science fair season here on Saipan for the grade schools. I actually only joined one science fair in my life while growing up on Guahan. I honestly didn't think that the teachers gave us enough time to really sink our teeth into the experiments so I was often unmotivated to do it for school. I always wanted to be "scientist." My mom could never get the concept of being a scientist as a career, so she often teased me that I'd only end up being a "sayang-tist": sayang meaning "too bad" or "what a pity" or "what a waste" in Tagalog.

I usually had my own thing going on anyway, so I don't feel like I missed out on much. I do however, encourage the kids that I know to learn the scientific method and discover the magic of science for practical reasons.

My BFF's son, DJ, asked me to help him with his project this year. He wanted to see if you could predict a person's height by measuring their feet.

DJ already impress me each time we hang out in nature as he absorbs most everything I tell him. He usually has a hundred questions about everything.I know that the kid is smarter than me, because you see, I have a weakness in math. I love the concepts of geometry and physics, but I have to work on them for a long time in order for me to grasp them. DJ had to deal with measurements, ratios, fractions, and decimals. It was so impressive to see him get into the project and crunch the math like a bag of sembe (his favorite Japanese rice crackers). DJ got selected as 1 of the 3 that would represent his class for the entire school, but unfortunately did not place in the overall judging. I'm so proud of him though!
San Antonio Elementary School Science Fair
I also had the privilege to be a judge at San Antonio. Who can resist right?SAES' mascot is the gamsom. I often tell kids that I do not eat gamsom because it is such a shame to eat such a smart creature.
I had to judge 12 projects with a 1 page (front & back) scoring sheet with 6 criteria, and 31 categories that include, "Does the project follow the scientific method?" to "Has the student acknowledged help received from others?". I didn't think that it would be so extensive! but I had fun anyway as I tried to judge fairly.

These kids has a lot of brain power I tell you. June, Ruth, Jiana, Mary Kay, Davina, Patty, Mae, Christina, Czarina, Jazmine, Tichina, Christian, John, Robert and Reyna Fe: you all did a great job! Thank you SAES!

The Renaissance (Little) Man
My buddy, Hayden Lucas Scott is growing up too fast. He is already tech savvy already at the age of 1.5 years. He also likes the hook on Solja Boy's Churp (..."kiss me through the phone...I'll see you later on"...).

(Sure his phone is pink, but that's just 'cause he has a busy, stressful lifestyle eatin', sleepin' and poopin', but he understands color psychology. Pink = calm). Dig?

He already understands concepts of Physical Science......the importance of not only being smart but looking smart...
... can identify his seasonal shorebirds by their foot prints...... notes the composition of sand being an avid psammophile and naturalist.
When one spends a lot of time in nature, one becomes a naturalist. Once a naturalist then one elevates one's self eventually to a naturist. It is the evolution of the man of science: The Renaissance Man!
I am sure he'll make me regret this when he is older. I love you, DJ and Hayden.

Ti napu.

The Beachcomber.


Sean said...

Haha, our son loves technology too! Especially the cell phone!

The Beachcomber said...

I bet the Little Feller is just as fun. He's sooo cute I wanna squeeze him! Love to Babs!