Monday, February 15, 2010

Harry's Back: I Hope He Kicks Ass

Our beloved Harry Blalock is back blogging. I hope he is back for good because I think he generates a lot of traffic in his blog for people wanting to get more information about Saipan. A lot of people checking him out are divers and tourists, so he does his part in promoting our islands to the world. I tell you, it is a lot better than my nervous attempt in inviting Darryl Hannah and her sister to dive Saipan after seeing them in Palau!

Check out his latest entry called, Still Alive and Kicking which in a way is his "news of my death has been greatly exaggerated" entry back into the blogosphere. He also talks about diving the Grotto. I'll have to share with you on a later post about my experience there with Harry. He was so professional, careful and knowledgeable.

Another thing I miss about Harry is his Food For Thought on KZMI-FM. I've been a fan since I came from Guahan in 2002 mostly because I learned quickly what was going on in my new adoptive island. He stopped working at the station to explore where his new diving career may bring him so there was quickly a void that developed in the social commentaries that he shared with the public. And boy, do we need him now more than ever! It is only the second month of the year and politics have played out a long rap sheet of shenanigans that most of the citizenry are upset about. We feel discouraged, abandoned, silenced, and so on. Harry was an avenue for our voices to be heard, and our sentiments expressed. I am not the only one who feels this way, of course, so check out the comments on this page.

Harry, I am glad that you are back. Your fans (and the Commonwealth) needs you.

Ti napu.

The Beachcomber