Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happiness is spelled: T-A-L-I

Nothing is better than this!
Well, except maybe a visit from my lovely Tali! After 8 months of living in Portland after she and her family relocated to the States, my girl came home to the surprise of many.
Amy and Tali

I missed my girl so much. She is the closest person comparable to a daughter that I have here on Saipan. I've known her for almost 8 years now. When people asked if we were father and daughter, Tali was quick to say (albeit long), "He is my non-biological father...figure." What is not to love about that?
Hayden, Laurina, my non-biological daughter-figure & Amy

We got to spend 10 days with her: going to church, watching her act a skit, eating, going to parties, eating, hiking, swimming, eating and just getting and giving updates on life. I did however missed a Managaha Island day trip. Darn work! Did I say that I miss my girl yet?
We ate at Coffee Care overlooking the Saipan Lagoon and Managaha Island one evening.
Although I didn't catch it in picture, I got to show Tali her first green flash! She said, "It wasn't much of a flash." But she was happy to see one non the less.
We got to do one of our Sabbath afternoon rituals with my other church "daughters"- Eat! Here are my girls. We often played a game with the waitstaff asking them, "Which of the three is my real daughter?"
Joy (got 2 votes), Jirene (got 1 vote) & Tali (got 2)


Of course Tali's younger brother Noah was there. They had a "vacation from each other" vacation since Noah stayed with one of his classmate's family for most of the 10 days. Here he is (don't the two look so light complected? Not a whole lot of sun in Portland I guess) with the Pierson family. This was also the first time I met Shyla!

The Maycocks! Sean, Babs and Elijah got invited by the school for Week of Prayer. Sean did a fantastic job firing up and inspiring the students, staff and the church family for our Lord. Our life with the Lord is not just a sprint, he says, "It's a marathon."

Babs chatting with Amy in the foreground. Sean with Frank at the back.

Joy said something pretty descriptive of the quartets' visit. She said, "It's weird, but it's not." She was saying that it was strange to see them again after being gone for so long, yet they simply still fit in, like they never left at all.
I suppose that is the way with most of our friends and church family after they leave and then return. Saipan will always be "home" for a lot of us and if it was for you once, maybe it is time to come back. I hope you know that you are missed. Sorely.

Until we meet again... Ti napu.

The Beachcomber


Sean said...

Hey BC, thanks for the shoutout. Joy captured perfectly for us what it was like to come back. It was a very special week. My only regret is that we didn't get to spend more time with you.

I'm glad Tali did though. I know it meant a lot to her.

Until we meet again in person, my friend, I'll see you in the blogs!

Mai said...

What a beautiful post! I remember thinking that Tali was your daughter that very first Sabbath when we met almost 4 years ago! I'm so glad you got to spend so much time with her. And I agree..... It's time to come back!

pretzels...yum! said...

Aw I miss you guys so much. It's good to "see" you guys together again, I wish I were there too.

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