Sunday, April 6, 2008

10 things I should have said out loud

Over the weekend, I thought of recent situations in which I should have said something out loud rather than practicing restraint and keeping them in my head:

1. “Yes, I am sure you’ve heard it before. But I have seen the works of Gauguin, Renoir, Monet, and the sculptures of Rodin. So trust me when I tell you that I think you are exceptionally beautiful.”

2. To a colleague: “I hold in my hands three programs that are funded above a quarter of a million dollars, four staff members, and I’ve managed to keep it afloat in the year and a half that I’ve been in the job; and what do you run? Who do you manage? You have no right to speak to me that way.”

3. To a friend: “No really, its ok. I do want to be alone right now.”

4. To an acquaintance: “Why in all of our encounters do you always start off with how much weight I've gained? Yes, I gained 15 lbs since my accident and my ankle still does not allow me to run properly.”

5. To a colleague: “Yeah go ahead and laugh out loud about the condoms, Doctor. Make a show in front of everyone here. But you and I both know that in this hospital, you’re the one who needs them the most because you're the biggest horn dog around.”

6. To a guy I just met after hearing his comments about lesbians and breasts: “I can’t believe you work with children. You are pathetic, sad, and a minuscule-minded jerk.”

7. To someone who made me feel like an adolescent school boy again: "Sure, I'll give you my take on the book, but you intrigue me. Tell me your story instead."

8. This morning: “I knew this was coming officer. Honestly, I insist that you give me the ticket to teach us all a lesson.”

9. To someone who made me catch my breath: “I am afraid of drowning; to be lost in your eyes if I kept staring. They are of the color of my beloved sea in which I have been lost before.”

10. In the midst of someone else’s conversation: “Why were you sad?”

Note to self: Dare to speak your mind this week.

Thanks for letting me share what I held back.
The Beachcomber


Anonymous said...

This is all about Chicago isn't it? So funny that you're having problems. C'mon get yourself some cajones! Love ya, bro!!!!!!

Sean said...

Brilliant. I wish had the guts to post a blog like this. Maybe I will on my Interference journal.

Sometimes it's so hard to say what needs to be said.

Mai said...

I have the same the moment, words escape me, but after thinking over various conversations I seem to always have something better to say. The thing I wish I would have said to you a long time ago is, "Don't be so distant! We need to hang out more!" It's not too late for that....there's still 8 weeks left!

Beverly Mae said...

lol great post. I know who number one is =P