Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Saipan Fall

I've never seen nor experienced a true Fall, when the leaves turn red marking the shortening of the days and the end of Summer. It is supposedly a magical time.

From time to time the Talisay (Terminalia cattapa), a native tree to Saipan, will have its own Fall. It will turn all of its leaves red and then shed them on the ground.

It happens more than once a year, following their own season not yet understood and undecoded by man.

The Talisay is also called the Pacific Almond for its edible almond-flavored seed. My best friend tells me that her mother used to collect the nuts and would eat them with some honey. The Nosa (Bridled-White eye) loves to search for insects under the Talisay's canopy.

The Flame Tree season is slowly creeping upon us while the romance and the beauty that is the Talisay Fall will mostly go unnoticed.

The Beachcomber


Mai said...

Cool! I never knew about the Talisay tree'll have to point it out to me.

Whimsy Peddler said...

Fall; my favorite season "here or there." I'm glad that you take the time to notice beautiful things. You should point this tree out to Mai AND me. Is it the same as those we saw on the way to Old Man?

The Beachcomber said...

Gladly. I believe there is one close to you almost in full "fall." Thank you for letting me know what Fall smells like. I closed my eyes for a moment on that trail and I was transported there...(watching you jump on a pile of leaves).