Wednesday, August 26, 2009

7724: The Tomahawk

I've never been to a Major League Baseball game in my entire life. The Atlanta Braves are apparently doing well in the series and there was an opportunity to go to their game against the San Diego Padres. There's Turner Field at a distance.It was a short drive from our hotel Downtown. Media mogul and philanthropist, Ted Turner owns the Braves and Turner Field.
I am sorry to admit that I do not follow baseball games. This can be considered sad by some people since Guam and Saipan are big on baseball and my town in Laguna is also huge on the sport. I did however, played baseball well in 5th and 6th grade up until my eyes needed glasses. After that, I recall always being the last kid to be picked for teams in high school.
Even the entrance to the field was impressive with the game being broadcast on a huge screen. It was Delma's 1st time to a game as well and we were all excited because of the new experience.
Candace (another 1st timer), Ruth & Walter making their way to the food stalls.
Here's a clip of Candace and Delma overlooking the field. There were huge cameras to the left which I am pretty sure were broadcasting the games live.

Mak, obscured Candice, hungry Bernie, Baby Ruth and Walter.
Super sized conga...oh, no wait! Bongo, I mean!

Here we are finding our seats. Baby Ruth was letting me know that Delma was scared of the heights. Hehehe!

What a gorgeous field! Even the grass was stylish: like my green argyle sweater.
I got my pretzel, my guidebook and my ticket. Anything else I forgot? Even though the seats were only $6.00 at the top, the view was still excellent. I should've gotten the huge burger, fries and Coke combo though. The game lasted 4 hours even though we went in during the middle of the game.

This place is huge! State of the art!
The coolest fan shirt I saw that evening.
A 94 mph pitch! The big screen.
My American Samoan brother, Makeati. Mak really enjoyed the game.
Just chillin'...
Show us those tomahawks, guys! Whoooa-0-whoooa!!! By the end of the evening, we were all experts in tomahawking along with the beat. Can you see Delma behind Johnny? I cut off Candace on the right but you can clearly see Bernie's style in tomahawking. Go Braves!
SD's dangerous pitcher. The Braves fan that was next to me kept calling him Teletubby. Hahaha!

Thank you Turner Field!
Walter showing us the place where kids could run around supervised. Walter is an avid fan who knows all the facts and standings. It was fun hearing his expertise on the game and players.
The last look: Unfortunately the Braves lost this one on top of having 2 innings with fully loaded bases. The experience was priceless.
If you've never been or if you ever have an opportunity to watch a Major League Game, I suggest you do it. It was fun to experience the culture that is baseball.

Ti napu.

The Beachcomber


Mai said...

Wow, that's so cool! I want to go to a game now! Maybe I can watch the Mariners sometime.....

Sean said...

The one and only major leaguge baseball game I've ever been to was the Braves in Atlanta on my senior class trip in 1992. I don't remember the stadium being that cool though. . .maybe they've built a new one since.

Deece said...

Looks like fun! I've been to A's games - they're major league right? Ha ha! How about the Giants? I've been to Giants games. Oh my goodness, for shame!

The Beachcomber said...

Do it! It's an interesting subculture study...Haha! I am as clueless as Deece, but it is worse for me 'cause I'm a guy!