Monday, August 3, 2009

Fantastical Story: The Hero Tee

My best friend has told me that some of my stories are so fantastical that she doubts that they are real. Well, you’ll just have to take my word for this one because I didn't have company and although witnessed by a dozen plus people, I do not know any of them who can authenticate the following events:
It was a Saturday morning, and even though I felt awesome in my new superhero shirt and Heeleys, I was a bit annoyed as I walked into the Dededo Payless Market. Not only was the flea market outside going on full scale (making it hard to find a parking space), the bank inside has not yet opened. This meant that another crowd was waiting for me in the store. “Why did I run out of deodorant today of all days,” I asked myself. “Never mind” I thought, “What matters is that I I look cool with my superhero shirt!”

The automatic doors opened, and I was immediately overwhelmed by the sight of the crowd whose line already doubled up in the small market. I squeezed in between people looking for the best path to Isle 5 where all the deodorants were. “Where did all of these people come from?” I finally reached the products, quickly looked for my brand and the one scent that did not make me sneeze.

“Good! There is a cashier that’s free!” As I walked in her direction to check out, there was a sudden commotion in the crowd of people lined up for the bank. I heard a couple of people say, “Oh, my God” and the crowd cleared some space revealing a woman on the floor. Her eyes were rolled back and as she convulsed uncontrollably. All of the onlookers seemed frozen in time just staring at the woman having a seizure attack.

I had to do something. My heart was pounding hard against my chest as my hand involuntarily felt the emblem on my shirt. By now there was a clear path between myself and the woman in distress. I launched myself on the wheels of my Heeleys in her direction and I was on her in a blur. Kneeling on one knee over the woman, I announced to the crowd that I was trained in first aid. “Please back off and give us some space. You with the red hat,” I pointed at the bagger closest to the phone, “Call 911 now and say seizure!” “Everyone, she’ll be okay!”
In a few moments, the woman had stopped convulsing and slowly started to regain her consciousness. “What happened?” she asked looking up at me with glazed over eyes. “Ma’am, I think you just had a seizure. How do you feel?” “Oh. I’m okay. I want to sit up.” I motioned to someone from the crowd to bring one of the bank chairs and I helped the woman slowly on to it. Someone gave her bottled water. “Ma’am, we’ve already called the ambulance. Do you need anything else?” I asked. “I didn’t take my medicine this morning, I think I need to get it from my car.” “I’ll let the EMS know, ma’am.”

The ambulance finally came and two EMS personnel brought in their equipment and a stretcher. I briefly recounted what had happened as they started taking the woman’s vital signs. I knew that my job there was done, so I started turning away to let the EMS take over. As I was walking away, the woman called out to me saying, “Thank you, my boy! Thank you for everything!”

Looking back, I smiled and winked at her saying, “You are welcome!” as I rolled away on my Heeleys. As I exited the store out of sight, I overheard someone say, “Who was that guy?”

Moosejaw is having the Devon Island Tee Shirt Stories Contest Thing. You can email them "some amazing or even decent story meant to inspire a tee shirt design". You will get 100 Moosejaw Points for a submission and the winning entry will be made into a tee, name the tee after the winner or the story plus 10,191 Moosejaw Points "which is like $101.91 to spend at". I'll turn in my story (minus the brand names) to see if I can generate another fantastical story out of it.

Ti napu.

The Beachcomber


Anonymous said...

My friend, your stories are the best ever stories told. It's not that i doubt them, i just become amazed and taken away by the "fantastical" tales told.
Anyways, i thought you went in to get a dozen egg and not deodorant. That's another fantastical story told...

The Beachcomber said...

Tall tale told twas, though totally true!

Thanks, BFF.

Tamara said...

Too awesome! ha ha ha..Didn't know they made heely's in adult sizes..

Mai said...

That's awesome! But you know, you don't need that shirt to be a hero!

Sean said...

Way to go, BC!

Forgotten said...

I always knew you were a super hero ;-).