Saturday, August 30, 2008

7792: 2 lbs later

In this installment of the Beachcomber on Saipan, I will share with you some of the foods and the company that I partook in during my visit to our nation's capital. I am sure most of you have seen pictures of the monuments so I decided to give you something different about D.C. I thought of this idea a bit late, so I won't be able to share most of what I ate with you since there are no solid documentations other than the memories of my appetite fulfilled.

While travelling, you better throw out the window the diet that you're were in while you were at home. There was simply no way that I could have continue eating six small meals a day when breakfast, lunch and even dinner at times were provided for you by your generous hosts. Even hitting the gym everyday at the hotel could not compete with the additional calories that was added to my temporary diet and I found myself gaining a steady 2 lbs. through out the whole week. But, at any rate, it is only once in a while that we get to celebrate good food and the company that goes along with it. So, thank you for allowing me to share!

Most of the meals that were provide for us included a healthy serving of salad such as this one that included spinach, cheese, strawberries and thick Italian dressing.
In addition, the luncheons usually included exquisite desserts like these chocolate cakes that were surprisingly light. They were garnished with strawberries, blue and blackberries which is a definite plus for me since a small container of these summer delights on Saipan will cost you close to $7.00.
Only in D.C. will you see butter in the shape of the Capitol. Patriotic. Cute!
The day's lunch included the company of some of the best people that I know: Jessica from Guahan, Johnny from the Federated State of Micronesia (Pohnpei State) and Bernie, also from Guahan.
Churreria Madrid, a Spanish restaurant that I recommend. The food was muy delicioso!

A stylized map of Spain. Our food came from Galecia which is the northwestern region of the country that also borders Portugal in its southern border. Spain is made up of Autonomous Communities such as Galecia which is constitutionally recognized as individual, separate singular regions with separate nationalities while maintaining indissoluble unity with the nation that is Spain. That's your geo-political lesson for the day!
Oh, oh! Here's Bernie with something to add!
Gustop, Jessica, and Hana: what an excellent group to eat with. We were all so funny as we attempted to order in Spanish in our best Latin accents! Ah ja jay!
The Chief and the Spark plug: Johnny and Bernie. Jessica and Gustop from Palau: great young people to eat with. The conversation topics were entertaining and diverse. What good company these two were!
I call Hanna my Palauan Mamma. It's a good thing she has a big heart for my sophomoric endearments!
Estrella Galicia: Literally Galician star, a Spanish beer. Although I am not an alcohol drinker, I appreciate people who were willing to try different things on the menu. I always shake my head with disappointment when I am with people (either from Guahan or Saipan) who stick with ordering Bud or Miller when there is a whole different drink menu to experience. Live a little, man!
For my side orders or guardiciones I decided on some black beans and yellow rice. I just love colorful foods! Frijoles Negro: I've never had a more flavorful black bean soup. Arroz Amarillo: yellow-saffron rice.
Menestra de Verduras con Carne: a mouth watering tender-beef stew for me. It reminds me of the Filipino Caldereta which is probably influenced by this dish. they both have beef, chilies, potatoes, carrots, and a tomato-based sauce.
Paella Castellana: Hana had some saffron rice concoction with seafood, chicken and Spanish sausage.
Pechuga de Pollo: Johnny had the grilled chicken and it was quite tasty.
Pulpo a la Galega: Galecian style octopus. Bernie kept asking me to try her dish. I think she forgot that I don't eat seafood. Plus, octopi are such smart creatures it's a shame to eat the little smarties.
Mariscada: Jessica had a seafood stew in white wine.
Camarones a la Plancha: Gustop decided on some grilled shrimp in Red Sauce.
For dessert we had some churros. These were thinner and more convoluted than the ones you can get at the Costco on Guahan or Saipan. I had to borrow the menu's picture because we devoured our order in just s few seconds. Definitely worth it!
On our last evening together, we explored a bit of Dupont Circle. This is a great Malaysian restaurant we happened upon. Everything was delish!
If you ever go to Dupont Circle, don't miss out. I should have gone there more often.
Penang Iced Tea with Milk: I don't think I've tasted a more flavorful iced-tea (I had two servings!). Bernie took her tea hot. Yummy none the less!
Roti Canai: For an appetizer this was a great pick- chicken curry dipping sauce and a thin, crispy Indian-style pancake.
Penang BBQ Chicken: This is what I got although I was expecting a totally different BBQ-style dish. Although tasty, it reminded me of sweet & sour chicken.

Penang Clay Pot Noodles: Bernie picked a fancy stew with noodles, shrimps, squid, scallops, veggies and egg gravy all cooked and served in a clay pot.
Penang Char Mee Hoon: Johnny picked a rice vermicelli dish with chicken, tofu, eggs, bean sprouts, and veggies. Tastes kind of like Pad Thai.
One day for lunch, a quick deli-style sandwich was sufficient. This tasty turkey sandwich was a good choice. The restaurant is called Open City and in the evening hours, the windows opened up to connect the inside with the outside tables. It's located at the corner of Calvert Street. I could picture myself sitting at this coffee house daily or grabbing a quick lunch here often. It made me wonder if I should try living in DC for a while. This town is great.
My partner in crime, Johnny. On our first evening in D.C., we attacked some Indian food. The restaurant is called Taste of India just like Saipan's own and is located close to Open City. Chicken tikka dish with roti (flat unleavened bread) and lentil soup. The spices in the heavy sauce was very flavorful.
Let's celebrate good food and excellent company! Lets eat!
Ti napu.
The Beachcomber


Bev said...

mmMM! I LOVE food too!! Glad you enjoyed your trip to DC!

The Beachcomber said...

"It's just food, Bev. It's not love." Hahaha! I got that from Friends.

If I get closer to the west before the end of the year, I'd love to see you.