Thursday, August 28, 2008

7792: Even though you can't see me

After eating an authentic Spanish meal, my friends and I found this Latin music store. We had a blast the whole time as we tried to speak Español with our best efforts while ordering our meals and asking the store clerks for assistance. I bet my friends and I sounded really ridiculous. I knew it was all worth the effort though when the clerk said, "De nada" after I thanked her. So cute! That does it! I'm taking language lessons!
I've been wanting to expand my appreciation of Latin music, so this was a pretty timely find. I need more suggestions if you have any.I mean, after a while anyone will crave more than just Juanes. I got Mana's new 2008 release Arde el Cielo and an old Alex Ubago, Fantasia o Realidad. I fell in love with Aunque No te Pueda Ver a few years back and decided I needed more from Alex now. I hope you enjoy it too.

Ti napu.

The Beachcomber


Mai said...

Me too! I've been learning Español too! A bunch of the guys here are from South America, so I've been helping them with their English, and they've been teaching me some Spanish. By the time I'm done here, I hope to know quite a bit!

By the way, where are you right now? If you're in Florida, I better hear from you! I'd love to see you when ever you come this way! Let me know.

The Beachcomber said...

¡Hola, Mai! Watch out for those Latin boys! There's a slight chance that I'll be in Miami on my birthday, so...